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Demons having more fun. by Zsuccubus
Demons having more fun.
Hey! I haven't upload anything since AGES due to having some problems in my life but here you go. Nothing special, just edited it a bit.
Currently working on drawings, I will upload some of them soon. 
  Dead leaves cracked under her boots as she walked through the pavement leading to the mansion.
She felt his mind, an almost forgotten touch in the predecesses in her mind. He feared
her at some degree but was also curious about her presence here. She smiled; it was so long
ago, the last time she met eye to eye with this creature. Only necessity forced them to this.
  The massive front door of the mansion opened before her before she could touch the ornate
door knob. She just raised an eyebrow and thought "So typical of him." Stepping into a great
hall, she let her eyes wonder all inch of the place, from the deep brown, shiny mahogany
floor to the faceted ceiling. The place shouted elitism and elegance at the same time. As
much as she hated to admit it, the guy had style.
  She let her instinct led her through rooms and corridors. Lower minds touched her mind, like
faint whispers. Feeling her age and power, they've retreated in both fear and respect. A faint
smile played around her lips as she arrived to a dining room. At the end of the long table,
he was sitting in a throne-like chair.

 His voiced rumbled through the air. She smiled and bowed down, her hands followed
the movement with an elegant wave. The creature's mouth twitched in annoyment. The woman
looked directly in his ebony eyes, almost mockingly.

"Brother. Last time we've met, you were not in an...enviable position."

 He did not answer , but simply gestured to the opposite end of the table, indicating that she
should sit down. She let out an irritated sigh, but sat anyway.

"A lot of things changed and happened, I admit that. Even more as I'm recalling recent events."

 Suddenly the sound of footsteps came from the corridor and a young child appeared, bringing a bowl full of apples and placed it ont he table not far from the woman. She looked at him and when their eyes met, the kid froze. She smiled delicately, just like a predator before it attacks its prey.

"Don't worry...I don't bite."

 The man simply waved to the kid, who quickly left the dining room. As the door closed behind
him, she leaned closer, eyebrows frowned, her expression turned cold and distant.

"Leviathans and your little pact with them, angels falling from Heaven, Hell almost got a
Queen and the Winchester kids had their tiny fingers in everyone's pies...did I miss anything?"

 Her words made him a bit uneasy , but tried to keep his calm composure. The woman slowly
grabbed an apple from the bowl. He watched her polish it clean wih her shirt before she
took a bite.

"The leviathans were  a mistake. But it seemed a good idea that time.  They've ran
everything, I had no other choice! Which made me think…where were you? Did you just sit
and enjoy yourself?"

She took another bite into the apple and chewed it slowly as she answered.

"I had better things to do. Some of them do came poking around, but lost their heads along the
way. Good riddance. They were unnatural and disgusting, even compared to us. But you
remembered the apples. Nice touch."

He nodded, then placed his chin on the back of his hands. His eyes were dark and serious.

"You are your mother's daughter it seems. More so, than others. How are your children?"

She shrugged, keeping her eyes on the apple.

"We manage, better than I hoped we would. We can easily mislead people and hunters are none
the wiser. I protect my children as she did but that's the only thing she and I share. By the way…this
world is not ours, we are just parasites here. The sooner you accept it, the easier things will be. Your plans for war are just as stupid as mother's."

He hissed and bared his fangs at her, claws grew at the tip of his fingers.

"How dare you take the liberty to insult me?! You have no idea what has been happening around
here! Crowley was kidnapping alphas to find an entrance to Purgatory, hiring the Winchesters
for his dirty job and you, you of all demons dare to judge me while you were in hiding, doing

 Her eyes turned into black, except for the irises, which became blood-red. Her eye-teeth grew
longer and sharper as she has spoken, gripped the sides of the table, black claws left deep trails in its surface.

"You were the one who summoned me here, but that doesn't mean I have to agree with you about
anything you say or did. A war is indeed stupid. For your kind, humans are the source of food-
for mine, they are the source of energy. We both need them and slaughtering them would not help
us at all! One would think thousands of years have taught you to be wise..."

 There was silence between the two as they stared at each other for almost half a minute, then
the man sat down, shielding his eyes with a hand.

"It's our right to rule over them and it's not an arguable question. But there is another
reason I've summoned you here. I have an...assignment for you. Judging by your nature, it's a
perfect task for you."

She slowly sat down as well and grabbed another apple.

"Depends on what you’re asking for."

 He reached out and took a crystal flask, which contained dark red liquid and poured some for
himself. He dipped his little finger in it and slowly stirred it as he spoken.

"As you said, you're aware that the Winchesters had their "tiny fingers in everyone’s pie”.
It's correct. I want those fingers to be removed. Not permanently, mind you...and that's
where you come into the picture."
The Game
My very first Supernatural fanfic. Hope there will be some of you out there who will like it. English is my second language, so there are mistakes in the grammar, I'm sure of that and I'm sorry about it.

I've tried to make a very different approach to this world and the whole situation which is going on by creating my own story. There will be more chapters soon.
A collection of my best works and also photos you can not see anywhere else! :)

Please, follow me and if you like it, share it to your friends!

Thank you! :heart:
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I love my country and I'm proud to be Hungarian.
I am a hunter. Be aware of it.
I'm in love with masks and veils, and I often use them for my photos.
I'm way more serious than many other people in my age.
I seek the beauty and the meaning in every day.
I am a survivor, bad things and pain teach me but can not destroy me.
I'm learning from my mistakes.
I do self-portraits most of the time but it doesn't mean that I'm in love wih myself.
I want to be a photographer in the future.
I am a very critical kind of person/animal. Hehe, we all have an animal inside of us.
I always analize myself and others as well.
I am changing myself into a more positive person than I am.
I love rock and metal music and also everything which needs creativity.
Enjoy my gallery! :heart:

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