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LoL- Lulu by Zsuccubus
LoL- Lulu
It's just a quick make up and wig test for my upcoming League of Legends cosplay,  Wicked Lulu. Well, I know I look very mature (my age also justifies it, lol) so let's just say that I will be the Lulu who casted too much times Wild Growth on herself. :D :D

Though usually I'm a serious person, I have a very mischievous side like Lulu has, that's why I chose her to be one of my cosplays in the future.
Matthieu was unsure how to react. His fingers were playing at the collar of his black robes, which was uncomfortably loose for his fragile and slender form. He didn't like it at all. The fabric was rough and it had a rotten smell. The boy shrugged as nausea crept up in his throat at the thought, while he shot nervous glances at the two Speakers.
One of them was his superior, the head of the Cheydinhal Sanctuary, Lucien Lachance. The Imperial was known for his silver-tongue and courtliness. He was tall and always walked with head held high. He was strong both physically and mentally. Though he had many enemies, everyone agreed that he had a sharp mind and was a pleasant company. His facial features were nice, almost handsome,  yet there was a sharpness to them and a calm, confident expression sat on his face, while his mouth was curved into a smile.  

Matthieu bit his lip in bitter irony. In his eyes, his superior was a wolf in a sheep's skin. He seemed to instantly charm and fool everyone. Everyone but him, he thought often. He didn't want to admit, even to himself, but he both hated and envied the Speaker for these makings. He resented him for being a cold-hearted, shameless murderer but also respected him for his calculated and smooth style.

Suddenly the same old memories were played at inside his head...

A shadow flew before the window, then the door slammed open, candles gone out, frost wind came into the house, the shadow  engulfed the whole room and when he spoke, his voice was like snow, so soft but so cold, what does he want? Mother, oh mother  run, but it's too late, the shadow came, and I've heard a muffled scream, then a sharp sound  of steel and blood, blood everywhere, mother's head is lying before me on the floor, blue eyes, blue like the skies, a single tear on her face, no, no,  I don't want to see this, this can't be happening, the shadow is still there, watching and waiting, maybe he knows I'm under the bed, let this be over, go away, go away...

Then he felt someone grabbing his arm and called his name.


He realized, that Lachance looked at him with a suspicious yet concerned face, only by inches away from his own. He quickly retreated, extended the distance between them. The Speaker slowly let go of his arm then with an unreadable expression on his face, turned to the other Speaker. Lucien's face switched back to the usual as he gestured to the other Speaker to follow him. Matthieu left alone with hatred and disgust sqwirming in him, heart pounded heavily and thoughts clouded with bloody images.

„He could be your Silencer."

Lucien was standing with folded arms and shooked his had dismissively at his collegue.

"No. You've seen the boy yourself. Matthieu feels...rather uncomfortable in my presence. I can't place that kind of responsibility and trust in someone who doesn't trust me. Too risky."

The Khajiiti Speaker just growled in understanding, his amber eyes flashed with curiosity. Lucien turned to face him while his right hand played on the hilt of his shortsword. He didn't notice that this motion gave away his nervousness. He walked up and down, unable to find the right words to ask. Suddenly he stopped midway and asked.

„What would you do in my place J'Ghasta?"

The Khajiit gave him a full-teeth smile, which could be seen threatening but Lucien knew him well to state his mood. The feline Speaker's tail slowly moved from left to right while he spoke.

"I'd send him to another Speaker, place into another family. See how he acts in a new milieu."

Lucien sighed the nodded in agreement. He whispered under his nose.

„It will be the best for all of us.”
Darkening Horizon (A short Dark Brotherhood story)
As you can see, it's a one shot short story about the Dark Brotherhood and Matthieu Bellamont. I am not sure about this one, I would gladly hear opinions.
Demons having more fun. by Zsuccubus
Demons having more fun.
Hey! I haven't upload anything since AGES due to having some problems in my life but here you go. Nothing special, just edited it a bit.
Currently working on drawings, I will upload some of them soon. 
A collection of my best works and also photos you can not see anywhere else! :)

Please, follow me and if you like it, share it to your friends!

Thank you! :heart:
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I love my country and I'm proud to be Hungarian.
I am a hunter. Be aware of it.
I'm in love with masks and veils, and I often use them for my photos.
I'm way more serious than many other people in my age.
I seek the beauty and the meaning in every day.
I am a survivor, bad things and pain teach me but can not destroy me.
I'm learning from my mistakes.
I do self-portraits most of the time but it doesn't mean that I'm in love wih myself.
I want to be a photographer in the future.
I am a very critical kind of person/animal. Hehe, we all have an animal inside of us.
I always analize myself and others as well.
I am changing myself into a more positive person than I am.
I love rock and metal music and also everything which needs creativity.
Enjoy my gallery! :heart:

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